puppy next to training pad

Washable Puppy Training Pad

The Brindle Washable Puppy Pad lets you fur-get about messes left by your furry friends and get back to enjoying life in their presence. These absorbent pads have a leak proof bottom that effectively soaks up your pet’s pee, so it doesn’t leak all over the floor. When one pad gets soiled, just pick it up and toss it in the washing machine, then bring out your second pad so you’re always covered. Polyester pad is filled with an absorbent felt pad and backed with a leak proof bottom, so it absorbs the pee without letting it leak through to your floor Reusable pads come in a pack of two, so one can always be in use while the other is machine washed and tumble dried on low heat The neutral gray color and slip resistant bottom make this pad perfect for any surface or corner of your home This pad is perfect for your pet’s go-to potty spot, to protect your furniture, for use as a food bowl mat, as a trunk liner, or to line your car seats for a pet-friendly travel option Available in three different sizes to cover any surface you need: 18 x 24 inches, 24 x 36 inches, and 34 x 36 inches