The Brindle Way

Here at Brindle, we go the extra mile to make you and your pets feel like family. With only the highest quality materials and best designs, you know you’re in good hands when you shop Brindle.
girl watches dog on donut cuddler bed

Donut Cuddler Pet Bed

Show your pet some love with this incredibly cozy Donut Cuddler Pet Bed. Deep bolsters surround your pet while comforting faux fur allows then to nuzzle in to create a safe and secure sleep environment they’ll love. Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes, this bed is bound to get two paws up from all your animals! Shaggy faux fur donut cuddler bed is so soft and cozy it will put your pet instantly at ease to help them relax and sleep comfortably through the night Ergonomic donut shape has a soft and supportive base surrounded by bolsters to create a safe zone great for nesting, nuzzling, and curling up in ultimate comfort Made from durable polyester, this bed is water resistant to maintain a fresh and dry sleep space for your pet This pet bed is machine washable to easily maintain a fresh environment in your home; machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat to avoid matting

dog on large gray orthopedic bolster

Orthopedic Memory Foam Bolster Pet Bed

Can we get a round of appaws for this orthopedic memory foam bolstered bed that your pet is sure to love?! Designed as a haven for your furry friends, this bed includes a supportive memory foam base, comfy bolster and a built-in entry dip for easy accessibility. With multiple color options and a variety of sizes, this bed will instantly become your dog’s new best friend—we’re sorry. With an all-memory foam construction, this premium pet bed is designed to provide a soft and supportive place for your pet to sleep A thick bolster filled with shredded memory foam creates a sense of security for your pet and provides a place for them to lay their head Incredibly soft velvet cover is water resistant, removable, and machine washable to easily keep your shared space clean and fresh Memory foam bed has a built-in entry dip for easy accessibility and is available in two versatile color combinations

dog on red shredded foam pet bed

Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed

You just found the perfect spot for your pet’s morning nap, afternoon siesta or all-day snooze fest. The BRINDLE Shredded Memory Foam Pet Bed is designed for lasting comfort and easy care. High quality orthopedic memory foam eliminates pressure points, while a soft yet durable fabric cover offers comfort. Shredded memory foam allows for better airflow between foam clusters for a cozy, breathable sleep surface. Inside the bed, stitched inner baffles hold the foam pieces in place, so they don’t shift or clump while your pet sleeps. For easy care, the plush cover is removable, machine washable and dryer safe. Simply unzip the cover to remove and wash. The pad itself is not washable. A 3-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill eliminates pressure points and increases breathability Portable, lightweight bed is great for travel and compatible with 42″ X 28″ Dog crates Soft, supportive consistency conforms to weight and pressure to relieve achy joints, arthritis and hip dysplasia Soft micro suede Cover can be removed and laundered – machine wash cold To hot with bedding on gentle cycle; Tumble dry low; pad itself is not washable

closeup of dog on charcoal black memory foam pet bed

Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Give your pet a soft, comfortable, and durable place to nap. The Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed features a 2-inch layer of soft, orthopedic memory foam layered on top of two inches of high-density support foam for a sleep surface that conforms and provides comfort. Made of durable material with a waterproof inner layer, this pet bed is not only cozy, but also long lasting. The zippered cover can be easily removed and safely washed for easy care. Stylish fabrics match your decor and your pet’s style, while a non-skid bottom helps keep the bed in place. Our beds are also made to fit perfectly inside most generic dog crates. 4″ thick dog bed is made of 2″ of conforming memory foam and 2″ of high-density support foam Zippered cover can be easily removed and is washer/dryer safe Waterproof layer beneath the cover protects memory foam from messes Durable from everyday wear and tear, soft fabric and non-slip bottom; Please note this product is not designed to be chew-proof

puppy next to training pad

Washable Puppy Training Pad

The Brindle Washable Puppy Pad lets you fur-get about messes left by your furry friends and get back to enjoying life in their presence. These absorbent pads have a leak proof bottom that effectively soaks up your pet’s pee, so it doesn’t leak all over the floor. When one pad gets soiled, just pick it up and toss it in the washing machine, then bring out your second pad so you’re always covered. Polyester pad is filled with an absorbent felt pad and backed with a leak proof bottom, so it absorbs the pee without letting it leak through to your floor Reusable pads come in a pack of two, so one can always be in use while the other is machine washed and tumble dried on low heat The neutral gray color and slip resistant bottom make this pad perfect for any surface or corner of your home This pad is perfect for your pet’s go-to potty spot, to protect your furniture, for use as a food bowl mat, as a trunk liner, or to line your car seats for a pet-friendly travel option Available in three different sizes to cover any surface you need: 18 x 24 inches, 24 x 36 inches, and 34 x 36 inches